„A” babies out of Nefre FUSION WITH CANIN SOURIS


We are happy to announce that with the cooperation with CANIN SOURIS kennel 25/08 we greet to the world Fuzi’s firts babies.

There is 1 girl and 3 boys. Both babies and mom are doing great.

„I” babies


We are happy to inform that on 25th may 2019 we greet to the world 6 healthy babies. We have 4 girls and 2 boys.

Mom and babies are doing great

„F” kids result


Some news from the „F” kids

Nefre FUSION WITH CANIN SOURIS aka Fuzi at national show 9group FCI – CAC and BEST OF BREED. Fuzi was wonderfuly presented by her co-mom Ewelina Pęchorzewska
Nefre FLAMEBOY aka Zeno at IDS show Debrecen took CAC. Zeno is own and loved by Adrienn Magyari & Evelin Judit Becze
Thank You guys for Your wonderfull work ?