02/09/2014 we greet to the world new babies – 3 girls and 1 boy out of Nefre A KIND OF MAGIC & Arco IRIS LIGHT MY FIRE

girl 1 : Nefre EVER SO CLEVER  aka Tosia- lives in Poland (Euphoria Boston kennel)

Polish Champion

pointed for German Champion

girl 2 : Nefre ENJOY HER CHARM BOSTON STYLE – aka Prada lives in Russia (Boston Style kennel)

Russian Junior Champion

multi BOB,BOG and BIS winner

girl 3:  Nefre ENJOY THE SILENCE  aka Beba- lives in Greece (passed away 03/2016)

Junior Champion of Greece

boy 1:  Nefre EMIPRE OF THE SUN aka Ori (lives in Poland)