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We are happy to inform thatCharlie passed all the neccesary healt test and is now available to stud for approved girls only.

Health results

Great health update this week ?

our whippet Indi (ZUZANA Alikana) passed her eyes CERF

and Belle (Nefre KISS IN THE DARK WITH HUFFERO) passed her CERF and BAER –

congrats to the owner Judy Criswell (USA)

Health Results


Today Nefre I AM LAVENDER – „Aki” passed her eyes CERF examination.

Aki i owned and loved by Unique Canine FCI Kennel

Health results


And one more health test passed 

Elena (Nefre I AM HUFFERO) and Nelson (Nefre HELLO SAILOR) got their patella checked with 0/0 result